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1. Advertise and Market your Property through:

    a. Union Tribune - At Cost

    b. Other Local Newspapers - At Cost

    c. Board of Realtors (MLS) - At Cost

    d. Military Housing - At Cost

    e. Free Rental Websites (i.e., Craigs List) - Free

    f. Provide Rental Surveys on Market Demand - Free

2. Show Property to Prospective Tenants Through Open Houses and Individual appointment times.

    a. Initial Leasing Fee: - Free

    b. Re-Leasing Fee after Lease Term Ends - 10% of one Month's Gross Rental Income.

3. Set-up Trust Accounts for Tenant Security Deposits - Free

4. Monthly Property Management Fees - 8-10% (Based on gross monthly rental income)

5. Monthly/Annual Property Accounting - Free

6. Preventative Property Maintenance:

    a. Regular Drive-bys of the Property - Free

    b. Periodic Property Inspections - Free

    c. Move-In, Move-Out Inspections - Free

    d. Repairs through Qualified Contractors - At Cost

7. Legal Representation

    a. In house Tenancy Terminations - Free

    b. Evictions through Qualified Attorney - $750.00 and up.

8. Services for Non-Managed Properties (Based on gross monthly rental income)

    a. Finding and Contracting with Tenant - 30%

    b. Paperwork to set up Leases - 30%

9. Client Termination Fee – Return property to client - $250.00